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Sense4Baby excellent example of ‘Sensible Healthcare’

The outbreak of the corona-virus has had an enormous impact on the healthcare industry. Hospitals and healthcare professionals are experiencing high pressure levels. Fortunately we have reached a stage where there is space for restarting healthcare services. Due to the fact that the pressure on hospitals and other healthcare providers is still extremely high, VGZ […]


Woody chooses Additude Sweden as new digital partner

Swedish building supplier Woody Bygghandel and Additude Sweden, an ICT Group company, initiate a major co-operation around E-commerce and the digital area, as Woody now wants to take the next step in their digitalization process. Woody uses modern techniques to offer new services, better availability and better service to both customers and the local builder […]


ICT Group and SixBlocks solution collaborate to combat complexity in administrative processes

Business rules-approach allows complex processes to be automated in a matter of weeks IT-systems for executing administrative processes are often extremely complex, resulting in a huge amount of administrative red tape. Even if an organisation manages to implement an administrative system, the process of adjusting is usually a complicated and tiresome task. An additional challenge […]


Contributing to ground-breaking research into tiny particles

The control software for one of the installations of the shared nanolab of TNO and Delft Technical University was seriously outdated. In addition to taking care of a system upgrade, Raster also added new functionalities. The researchers are happy with the result: the upgrade makes their job easier and improves their work. The Van Leeuwenhoek […]


Test drive with Sense4Baby in an ambulance

Following the bankruptcy of the hospitals in the Dutch towns of Lelystad and Emmeloord more than a year ago, healthcare organisations in the Noordoost Polder and Zuidwest Friesland regions started to take additional measures to ensure the continuity of safe obstetric care. Pregnant women and their unborn child who live in the region are exposed […]


Gert-Jan’s Challenge: Predicting the behaviour of AGV’s in order to reduce the number of congestions

Port terminals use Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to transport containers between the quay cranes and the stack. Because the AGVs are used in a limited area, traffic often crosses, frequently leading to unwanted stops. This has a serious impact on the traffic flow, planning and fuel consumption. Never finished learning Gert-Jan van der Wielen wanted […]


Webinar | Water Congres Online 8 oktober

Wij volgen de richtlijnen van het RIVM met betrekking tot het Coronavirus. Om deze reden wordt er dit jaar geen fysiek Water Congres georganiseerd. Op donderdag 8 oktober organiseren wij een Webinar waarin Procesautomatisering van Afvalwater, Oppervlaktewater en Drinkwater centraal staan. Samen met onze strategische partners in procesautomatisering bieden wij u vier opeenvolgende Webinars. Hierdoor […]


Workshop | IBAZ 8 september

Omdat op dinsdag 8 september de Waterinfodag niet doorgaat, organiseert ICT Group een online IBAZ Workshop. Na het volgen van deze workshop heeft u een beeld in hoeverre de data-analyse in IBAZ een meerwaarde levert ten opzichte van de Bedrijfsvergelijking Zuiveringsbeheer (BVZ). ‘IBAZ is een webapplicatie die nieuwe en unieke inzichten geeft die ontstaan vanuit […]