The following demonstrations can be seen at the ICT Group Smart Logistics Summit on 29 May 2024.

Lego ICT Container terminal - Physical Twin for demonstrating our SmartECS

The SmartECS of ICT Logistics is a flexible and state-of-the-art Equipment Control System capable of manufacturer-independent communication between a Terminal Operating System and the moving equipment on the terminal. The physical twin on site has been realised with Lego Technic bricks and allows us to quickly test and demonstrate the SmartECS. Read more about SmartECS.

Module presentatie Supply Chain Portal

The Supply Chain Portal is a Saas application for collaboration in supply chain processes. The Supply Chain Portal has four main functionalities: 

Supplier Portal

The Supplier Portal concerns the functionality for reconciling Purchase Orders between your buyers and your suppliers. This gives the purchasing process more structure and reduces administration.

Logistic Control Tower

The Logistics Control Tower provides planning and tracking of shipments from suppliers, carriers and forwarders to logistics operations through any M.O.T.. This makes the inbound flow more predictable and gives more control over what, when, where is delivered.

Logistic Capacity Planning

Logistics Capacity Planning concerns the functionality for planning and executing logistics processes. From slot booking to integral DC processes. This ensures more efficient logistics operations and smoothing out peaks and troughs.

Performance measurement

Performance measurement regulates the measurement of delivery timeliness, completeness and quality to emissions and finance metrics. This creates an empirical basis for process improvement. 

Demonstration mobileNXT

Patrick will give a demonstration of mobileNXT which will cover a number of components. Such as the Route Manager, the track and trace/Proof of Delivery app, the Fleet/ Damage management module and dashboarding capabilities. Functionality to make last-mile and fleet operations more efficient.

Vendor agnostic orchestration of your material handling systems for improved uptime and better throughput of your warehouse with SmartWCS

Large distribution centres often deal with different systems and hardware from various suppliers (Material Handling Systems). Most have their own dashboards, which in themselves provide clear information, but do not integrate with other dashboards. Mutual coordination is lacking, there is no overall picture of what is happening and how to optimise the workload across the entire process. Optimisation of processes is often limited to individual zones or cannot be visualised at all.

ICT Group's Intralogistics platform, SmartWCS, solves these problems by acting as an intermediate layer to collect and enrich data from all sources for intralogistics processes. A data-driven platform that, completely hardware-independent, seamlessly integrates equipment and processes within one dashboard. You get maximum insight into your integral warehouse process and in case of failure or overload of certain zones, you can intervene immediately, adjust processes and still meet the targets of the day. Read more about SmartWCS. 

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