Please mark 21 June 2023 in your agenda. ICT Group invites you to the ICT Group Smart Industry Summit. It promises to be an inspiring afternoon and evening focusing on digital transformation in Industrial Automation. You can take part in inspiration sessions on this day and we will present various cases and practical examples together with our clients. Together with you, we will discuss questions such as: "Where are we now in the field of smart industry and what is needed for Industry 5.0?" Some of the topics of focus are: "digital transformation", "cyber security" and "supply chain integration".

During the ICT Group Smart Industry Summit, you can also learn about innovative technologies through demonstrations. In short, a complete experience for anyone interested in the future of Industrial Automation.   


13:15 Walk-in

Welcome and introduction

14:15 Keynote: Richard van Hooijdonk, futurist
15:00 Session 1, choice of 3 speakers
15:30 Short break
16:00 Session 2, choice of 3 speakers
16:45 Session 3, choice of 3 speakers
17:30 Keynote
18:00 BBQ & networking drinks
20:00 End of summit

Detailed programme (In Dutch)

Our speakers

  • Keynote: Richard van Hooijdonk, futurist 'The future of digital transformation'
  • Robèrt Theune, ForFarmers. 'Working data-driven on The Future of Farming'
  • Theo Mosch, HHNK and Michiel van Buuren, ICT Group. 'IoT as a technique for monitoring in the PA domain'
  • Jean-Paul van den Bliek, Sabic HPP, Roel Siebelink, ICT Group and Dewy Stoorvogel, ICT Group. 'Business Continuity Programme: Insight, action, results'
  • Joep van den Tillaart, Sebastiaan Geijtenbeek, Kruidvat and Pipple. 'Algorithms and data science for eFulfillment'
  • Marijn Grevink, Mars. 'The 'dark factory' is also about people'
  • Roel van de Camp, Organon. 'LCM is now standard in our DNA'
  • Jeroen Willemsen, MARIN. 'Zero Emmisions Lab. Learning on the MBSE job'
  • Robin Kobesen, COSUN and Mark Eijkenboom, ICT Group. 'Turning real-time factory data into real-time insights'
  • Tom Ploeger, DSM. 'Global harmonisation of OT systems'
  • Keynote: Ruud Timmermans, ISA and Leendert Mijnders, ICT Group. 'Why standards accelerate Digital Transformation'

Keynote speaker: Richard van Hooijdonk

We start the day with trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker Richard van Hooijdonk. With his international research team, he explores many trends in robotics, drones, self-driving systems, 3D & 4D printing, sensors, blockchain, quantum computing, neurotech, biotech, platforms and augmented & virtual reality. He will take you into an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work and do business.

Session 1, selection of 3 speakers:

Data-driven work on The Future of Farming

- Robèrt Theune, ForFarmers

Data plays an innovative role in the industrial digital transformation we are currently experiencing. As an international feed producer for (organic) livestock farming, how do you capitalise on this? Robèrt Theune shows how ForFarmers is working in a data-driven way as a basis for digital transformation and which data journey they have travelled in the past 2 years.

IoT as a technique for monitoring in the PA domain

- Theo Mosch, HHNK and Michiel van Buuren, ICT Group

Theo Mosch of Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier and Michiel van Buuren of ICT Group explain how they use monitoring wells and sensors to monitor the strength of the dykes of polder De Purmer. It seems simple: unlock data and use algorithms to create insights. The practice is different. An illustrative example of intelligent water management with IoT, Data as a Service and Digital Twin in a very Dutch environment.

Business Continuity Programme: Insight, action, results

- Jean-Paul van den Bliek, Sabic HPP, Roel Siebelink, ICT Group and Dewy Stoorvogel, ICT Group

Jean-Paul van den Bliek, Maintenance Manager and Project Leader at Sabic HPP, talks about how they managed the OT assets for 7 production lines at the Raamsdonkveer plant are being modernised step by step. The approach: a multi-year Business Continuity Programme that focuses on standardisation and decisiveness in execution.


Session 2, choice of 3 speakers:

Algorithms and data science for eFulfillment

- Joep van den Tillaart, Pipple and Sebastiaan Geijtenbeek, Kruidvat

Sebastiaan Geijtenbeek, executive project leader supply chain development at Kruidvat and Joep van den Tillaart, partner at data agency Pipple, talk about how they transformed the eFulfillment operation at Kruidvat from a small separate process. An algorithm now puts together an intelligent automated wave, taking into account many different combination possibilities of customer orders and the warehouse distance matrix. That was impossible with the standard software.

The 'dark factory' is also about people

- Marijn Grevink, Mars

Marijn Grevink, Regional Program Lead Digital Operations at Mars, has a clear vision of digital transformation and the factory of the future. The next step in industrial automation is also a cultural change that will only be successful if we manage to combine 'people, technology and processes'. In the end, it's all about people, even if a factory is 'dark'.

Lifecycle management is now standard in our DNA

- Roel van de Camp, Organon

Roel van de Camp, Site Lead Lifecycle Management at Organon, saw the biggest challenge for LCM was to get the 'rhythm wheel' turning. Meanwhile, the entire organisation is convinced of LCM's added value. Stakeholder management and sponsorship support the structural approach for the coming years. LCM is now standard in the DNA of the organisation.


Session 3, choice of 3 speakers:

Zero Emmisions Lab. Learning on the MBSE job

- Jeroen Willemsen, MARIN

Jeroen Willemsen, design and test engineer at MARIN, on the special collaboration with Raster in developing the Zero Emissions Lab for shipping. By adopting a flexible approach to MBSE modelling (Model-based Systems Engineering), MARIN and Raster were each able to complement each other from their expertise and develop the design process and model for the engine room of the future in its full breadth, modular, scalable and repeatable.

Turning real-time plant data into real-time insights

- Robin Kobesen, COSUN and Mark Eijkenboom, ICT Group

Robin Kobesen, Innovation Manager Smart Operations at Royal Cosun, and Mark Eijkenboom, Business Consultant ICT Group, discuss the Cosun Smart Operations Programme. How do you create local value at 25 factories with one central programme? Real-time factory data! Challenges (technical and organisational), best practices and a successful change approach for the most complex step of digital transformation.

Global harmonisation of OT systems

- Tom Ploeger, DSM

Tom Ploeger, Technologist Advanced Analytics at DSM, talks about how DSM is organising a global rollout of their ODL, Operations Data Layer, for all its sites worldwide. This allows DSM to collect OT data centrally in the cloud, monitor processes and implement new models.


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