We are pleased to announce that ICT Improve is a proud sponsor of TestNet's upcoming Autumn Event on October 9, 2024. To celebrate this special occasion, we are organizing a unique 3-hour workshop - "Serious Escape Room".

Get ready to collaborate, improve your agile skills, and explore the unknown in an exciting and fun way. Our Serious Escape Room, called "Beer Are Your Drinking Legal" (BAYDL), is not just a game. It's a means to deeper introspection, better collaboration, and effective learning. Your team will be on a mission to fix a build pipeline and successfully launch a software application. It's a race against time, where every decision counts and teamwork is key.

The competitive nature of the game tests not only your technical knowledge, but also your ability to act strategically and work together as a team. Because don't forget, in the BAYDL escape room, the fastest team doesn't necessarily come out on top; It is the most efficient and collaborative team that will triumph!

Based on guidance, constructive feedback and the right balance between learning and fun, our Serious Escape Room also offers numerous learning objectives. It combines humor with serious teachable moments, which makes it an ideal team-building activity that is not only fun, but also extremely useful.

Whether you're looking for an inspiring session to strengthen the close bonds within your team, or want to encourage your team members to learn and apply new technical skills, our "Serious Escape Room" workshop has something for everyone. Do you have what it takes to overcome the challenges and succeed as a team? Join our workshop and find out!

ICT Improve is looking forward to welcoming you to the TestNet Fall event. Get ready for an exciting journey full of knowledge, teamwork, and fun. Let's learn, improve and grow together!

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