ICT Group contributes to the creation of intelligent manufacturing technology solutions, supporting the digital transformation and ongoing industrial robotisation. This allows for a more efficient use of natural resources, resulting in a reduction in waste and an increase in the sustainable and economic use of natural resources.

We provide innovative integrated solutions that connect all the links in the chain, ensuring proper communication between the different components. These solutions include intelligent sensors, machine-to- machine communication, advanced process control, robotisation, manufacturing execution and intelligence, and big data analytics. As a thought leader, ICT Group combines its ability to connect industry parties with the scale and scope needed for sustainable and future- proof innovation.

Our experienced and highly trained professionals have extensive domain knowledge and specialize in the following markets:

Food, Chemicals, Pharma

Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Life Sciences

ICT Group offers smart solutions for flexible, reliable and efficient production processes covering the link to ERP and the implementation of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) as well as direct control at process level (PLC/Scada/DCS). In addition, we offer Model Predictive Control, which optimizes production yield, reduces energy usage, improves product quality and increases process stability.

 Heavy Lifting

Heavy Lifting

As a project-oriented system integrator in the field of industrial automation we offer broad expertise in  heavy lifting. We specialise in production- and process automation activities and deploy the latest generations of PLC’s, robots, servo motors, SCADA-software, DCS and Embedded software.


Harbour and distribution logistics

As an implementator and integrator of IT Solutions, ICT Group ensures logistics IT systems work together smoothly with other internal and external systems. We provide smart IT solutions with a focus on warehouse management, control of equipment in planning & execution and optimizations in the primary process of a supply chain.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

To provide safety to company assets and business operations of our customers, we integrate organizational and technical measurements in the business processes. We are experts of ISA-88, ISA-95, security, Gamp, SIL, OEE / SPC and tracking & tracing. The team is trained in safety aspects: Tüv Functional Safety, VCA, NEN 3140, Basic Training Offshore Safety and BHV.

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