Monitoring your unborn baby every day at home with a mobile CTG scan and blood pressure measurement. This has recently become possible for pregnant women with health complications who are being monitored by the IJsselland Maternity Centre. Using Sense4Baby mobile CTG equipment, a blood pressure monitor and a tablet, supplied by ICT Healthcare Technology Solutions (HCTS), allows them to stay at home and still perform the daily mother-and-baby checks. This is a major benefit for pregnant women with an increased health risk, and who otherwise would need to be admitted or travel to the hospital almost daily for a CTG of the baby and/or to measure their blood pressure.

Sense4Baby home monitoring

Kim Jansen is pregnant with her first child and her baby has a growth delay. She is extremely happy with Sense4Baby: "I no longer need to travel to the hospital every day. Instead, I can perform all the measurements at home and have remote contact with the midwife at the Maternity Centre. That gives me a lot of peace of mind, which in turn benefits the growth of my baby."

Gynaecologist Frans Lim is the initiator of this type of outpatient care: "Sometimes pregnant women need to be admitted to the hospital for an extended period if the baby has a growth delay, the mother has high blood pressure, or if the membranes have ruptured prematurely. Home monitoring allows the mother to go home again after a brief stay in the hospital of no more than one day. Here she can connect the baby’s CTG scan and measure blood pressure every day. Pregnant women now only need to come to the hospital once a week for blood tests and an ultrasound of the baby. We are very happy to be able to provide this care to our pregnant women."

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