CTG monitoring for 1st and 2nd line

With CTG Home Monitoring pregnant women or obstetricians in the first line personally generate a CTG. Data are sent directly to a portal in the cloud. The hospital can then view the data in real time or at a later time.

Reduces stress, increases patient satisfaction 

CTG Home Monitoring is the solution for the second line with which expectant mothers can personally generate a CTG at home and send the data to the cloud. Gynaecologists, clinical obstetricians, house officers or specialised nurses then examine the data in real time or at a later time in the portal or directly on the overview screen. This way they can monitor patients remotely, which saves the expectant mother from frequent visits to the hospital or even hospitalisations. Obstetrical practices in the first line can also carry out readings with CTG Home Monitoring and, if so required, have care professionals at the hospital watch along remotely.  

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What makes us stand out

  • Prevent frequent, stressful hospital visits 

  • The expertise of a medical specialist at home 

  • Mobile use, also during transport 

  • Extensive instructions for home use 

  • Load data directly in the ZIS/EPD 

  • Join in live from the hospital, if so required 

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