Integrated terminal management at all levels of the organisation. Port Insights, Port Operations and Port Control lay the foundation for far-reaching control of processes, systems and equipment.

Intelligent control of terminal processes and data processing

Data is plentiful in the terminal world, but always fragmented, not uniform, not centrally stored and not exchangeable to edit, enrich, share and steer operations with. Our Port Suite provides the solutions to collect data uniformly, combine it and extract meaningful decision and steering information from it. We reduce the complexity of the IT landscape by connecting various internal and external systems and data sources on a single data platform. Data-driven decisions take the place of intuitive choices. Generic equipment interfaces allow equipment from different suppliers to work together. So you are not dependent on your equipment suppliers, vendor lock-in is a thing of the past.

With Port Suite, you are choosing intelligent control of your terminal processes and data processing. At ICT Group, we combine our rich engineering experience with the latest technological possibilities to take your terminal management to the highest level. We guide you end-to-end, from orientation on your options to complete implementation and management. With Port Suite, you choose safe and future-proof solutions that will give you more operational efficiency, lower costs and higher performance of your terminal operations.

Port Suite features and benefits

The Port Suite consists of Port Insights, Port Operations and Port Control. Together they offer a complete solution for future-proof terminal management.

Port Suite

Port Insights - Business intelligence

Port Insights brings all relevant data for terminal management together in one central location, enabling you to make data-driven decisions. On the data management platform, business analysts and data scientists create value from up-to-date, reliable and complete, but often untapped, data. Within Port Insights, you process structured data from ERP systems, semi-structured IoT data and unstructured data from cameras. Data and information quality are paramount. Port Insights integrates all phases of data management - connecting, collecting, storing, analysing, visualising, sharing and destroying - in a flexible and scalable way.

  • Simplified IT data landscape
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Cut costs by optimising equipment and resources
  • Minimise downtime and avoid unnecessary equipment maintenance
  • Data governance through automation and management of metadata, data classification and data catalogues
  • Lifecycle management of data products such as algorithms and analytical models

Port Operations - Communication between internal and external systems

Port Operations handles communication between internal and external systems. Often, an organisation's data is spread across different systems, which quickly leads to complex landscapes of data sources, data flows, data storage, data ownership and data usage. Port Operations reduces complexity. You have a single data operations platform and central place for communication and data processing.

  • Communication with data of different types via different protocols
  • Data exchange between every cloud platform and on-premise system
  • Minimalisation of connections and protocols
  • iPaaS: integration Platform as a Service
  • Full monitoring of all data flows
  • Optimisation of data conversion
  • Azure based

Port Control - Control of human and machine

SmartECS is our solution for all your Port Control issues. SmartECS provides a uniform platform for communication between devices based on modular, open software architecture that is highly flexible. You control terminal activities across systems throughout the process. You connect external systems easily, without having to consider their set of tools. Simulation prototypes ensure that your business needs are leading in the set-up.

  • Collect, monitor and analyse data from different equipment and sources
  • Dashboard provides overview and performance KPIs of entire terminal
  • Integrate all equipment from different suppliers; no vendor lock-in
  • Easily add new equipment without affecting the business process
  • Digital Twin for business process optimisation
  • Supports manual and automatic equipment
  • Works intuitively and is easy to learn


We provide several free demos of our Port Suite solutions:

  • Port Control Digital Twin on how a container terminal behaves under different simulated conditions and in specific operational events.
  • Demo Port Control SmartECS about our unified platform for communication between devices based on modular, open software architecture.
  • Demo Port Insights Performance dashboard on how to bring relevant data together in one central location and analyse it directly there.

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