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Enhancing services for shippers through Star Flow Supply Chain

Slavenburg & Huyser

  • 30 April 2024
  • 5 min

Supported by innovative software from ICT Yellowstar, Slavenburg & Huyser organises shippers’ entire supply chains for them. 

Slavenburg & Huyser has elevated their service to a higher level with innovative software from ICT Yellowstar. Through the implementation of Star Flow Supply Chain, they organize the entire supply chain for shippers, from purchase orders to delivery, with real-time visibility at every level. This approach milimalizes the need for phone calls, emails, and Excel. 

Slavenburg & Huyser positions itself as a 4PL logistics service provider, going beyond traditional freight forwarders, focusing on transparency and reliability. The web-based and user-friendly nature of the service allows customers to focus on their core activities while Slavenburg & Huyser manages logistics. The addition of a chat function enables quick and structured communication. ICT Yellowstar is praised as a valuable partner in realizing this vision.

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