We offer the expertise you need to help grow your business, reduce your cost, improve your customer service, reduce your risk and improve your market share. How? By performing a logistics diagnosis in a disciplined 4-step process to ensure you achieve the desired goals.

Step 1 - Supply Chain Scan

With a simple analysis of conditions in the logistics operation, we can suggest large improvements that are easy to verify and profit from. Our experience and expertise in analysing logistics processes means that we quickly see what changes can be made and what should be focused on.

Step 2 - Supply Chain Strategic Plan

Are improvements desirable, based on the preformed Supply Chain Scan? Then ICT will develop a concrete, workable and handy improvement plan, based on the information from the Supply Chain Scan.

Step 3 - Supply Chain Execution

We can also help in the entire improvement process. Our goal is to improve your logistics processes and increase both your short-term and long-term profitability. ICT will take care of a result-oriented implementation of the improvement plans. All our people know the logistic best practices from the market and solutions portfolio from a personal experience. Allowing us to explain our plans in the boardroom and on the floor.

Step 4 - Supply Chain Review

The Supply Chain Improvements should be judged on the result. The improvement plans are always equipped with proposals for ‘future’ improvements. ICT can develop specific performance indicators for your organization. Supply chain visibility tooling can be implemented and we can coach, train your people specifically for this purpose.

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