Jeffrey’s challenge: Keep learning and participating in interesting projects

Jeffrey Breugelmans, software engineer at Raster

  • 1 December 2021
  • 2 minutes

Having completed his study in industrial automation, Jeffrey had ample choice from the jobs that were available. Even before his graduation, recruiters started making him offers. And this is how he came into contact with Raster.

Personal atmosphere

The personal atmosphere of this small-scale subsidiary of the ICT Group was the decisive factor in choosing this company, where he currently works as a software engineer.

When Jeffrey was exploring the labour market, he had the impression that most companies only paid attention to the specialisation of their future employees. “However, at Raster they were also interested in me as a person. I was received in a very open manner.” There was a click on both sides. What also appealed to him was the rural, calm environment of Raster’s location; Dreumel, not very far from the town of Tiel. When Jeffrey’s employment started, his employer was in the process of hiring more professional education graduates in order to create a more balanced team of employees. By now the team consists of some thirty colleagues from various age groups. Jeffrey soon felt at home. As he was a junior, one of his senior colleagues looked after him during his first project. One of the advantages of being new to the job was that he didn’t have the feeling that he had to overperform just to prove himself. “I was able to participate very quickly.”

Immediate deployment

Sometimes, there’s quite a gap between someone’s education and the labour market, but this was not the case for Jeffrey. In actual fact, he could be deployed in projects immediately. “There was quite a good connection between education and work for my field of work. The way you  rogram something in terms of language is more or less the same in all cases. The only thing that varies within the cases is the type software that is used. That’s something you adopt very rapidly. What does differ is the way in which different companies work, for instance the structure that is used to build software. Some companies use fixed standards that have proven their use over the years. At Raster they’re also open to new developments that I learned during my education. They give me quite a lot of freedom in terms of doing things my way during a project.” For example during one of the projects in New York we wrote the application in Delphi and React.

I feel very much at ease and supported in what we do. People are listening to me.

Jeffrey Breugelmans
Software engineer at Raster

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has accumulated quite a bit of work experience from a number of very diverse projects. Recently, he was in New York to test whether the software that Raster developed for the 5BY2 automated parking solution of Lödige Industries worked properly before being transferred to the client. This was a special experience because it didn’t only involve technical aspects but also the cooperation within a very international team. “An experience that allowed me to learn a lot.” And fortunately, despite the often hectic project phase, there was some time left to explore the city.

Jeffrey tends not to look very far ahead in his career. His current position still offers a large number of challenges. What’s more, there are plenty of opportunities for developing himself further through training and to keep up-to-date with his field of work. “So far, I feel very much at home here and I’m very happy in this company.” He hasn’t had a single moment of regret about his choice for Raster: “I feel very much at ease and supported in what we do. People are listening to me.”

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