Current themes such as sustainability, carbon footprint, safety, diversity and inclusiveness are important themes within ICT Group. Another important item is data security. ICT Group has an elaborate security policy and management system, and employees receive training to reduce risks.

ICT Group acts in line with the ambitious objectives of parent company NPM Capital. These objectives clearly state that creating value is no longer just about financial performance. Businesses that cannot make a positive contribution to the environment and society (ESG) will not survive in the future.

Peter Lamers, as Quality, Health, Safety and Environment manager, is responsible for ICT Group's ESG policy, a responsibility he shares with the HR director. "We like to lead by example and closely follow the CO2 Performance Ladder, says Peter. We successfully reduced our CO2 emissions from 6.2 to 1.5 tonnes per employee per year over a period of 10 years, and our target is 0.8 tonnes by 2026. I work together with the sustainability manager of NPM and other sister companies. They help us design, implement and accelerate our ESG policy, especially in terms of climate impact. You can see this in our mobility policy: from 2025, we will only lease electric cars and our accommodation will consist of sustainable offices. We are already using 100% green electricity for all our mobility and our offices. In addition, we participate in sustainable initiatives such as Nederland CO2-neutraal and Klimaatalliantie Duurzame Mobiliteit".

Customers and partners

"Our technological knowledge allows us to help our customers in becoming more sustainable, resulting in lower energy consumption, smaller waste streams and more efficient production processes. Take PeelPioniers for instance. They process orange peels into high-quality raw materials for the food industry. Another relevant example is the case of Green Road Equipment (GRE). They used the MOTAR platform to convert their diesel asphalt machines to electric, emission-free equipment within a period of a mere five months. Also good to mention is the M2A platform, which provides insight into mobility data in order to make cities more accessible, as well as Star Flow that was developed by  ICT Group subsidiary Yellowstar, and which makes CO2 emissions in logistics concretely measurable.  In addition, the goinGDutch initiative offers the ultimate cycling experience in busy urban areas."

Social safety

"Being a good employer requires an active role. Social safety has our highest priority, which also applies to our sites abroad. We apply the same rules everywhere. Our ambition to make the world better, smarter and more sustainable every day includes an active stance as a socially committed industrial automation company and employer. We subscribe to national and international legislation and guidelines. Wherever we can, we contribute to the world around us. Internally, we well as with customers, partners and with all the organisations we feel a connection with."

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