There are some great events on the event calendar again for 2024. Below is the total overview. Would you like to participate in an event or organise an event yourself? Please contact [email protected].
Event calendar 2025
ICT Group EventJanuaryTh 9ICT Group
InfraTechJanuaryTh 14 - Fr 17Infra 
Multimodaal Transport ExpoMarchTh 13Logistics
LDE25AprilTh 10Improve
TOCJuneTu 17 - Th 19Logistics
Event calendar 2024
GenAI Conference - Tilburg UniversityJanuaryTh 11Recruitment
Divisionday LogisticsJanuaryTh 18Logistics
Webinar AzureFebruaryTu 27Recruitment
All About Automation - FriedrichshafenMarchTu 5 - We 6ICT Electronics
Supply Chain Innovations - AntwerpMarchTh 14Logistics
Multimodaal Transport Expo - BredaMarchTh 14Logistics
IJsselloop - DeventerAprilSu 14ICT Group
Innovation dayAprilTu 16Logistics
Living Documentation Event (LDE24)AprilTh 18Improve
ICT Group meetingAprilMo 22 - Th 25ICT Group
eRIC beursAprilWe 24 - Th 25TriOpSys
Mathworks Automotive ConferenceMayTu 7ICT Electronics
TestNet spring eventMayWe 15Improve
Community Event IA EngineersMayTh 23Recruitment
RE-eventMayTu 28Improve
Aegon Cappital visits Barendrecht officeMayTu 28ICT Group
ICT Group Smart Logistics SummitMayWe 29Logistics
NPM Circuit RunJuneSa 1ICT Group
Aegon Cappital visits Nieuwegein officeJuneMo 3 ICT Group
Aegon Cappital visits Deventer officeJuneTu 11ICT Group
TOCJuneTu 11 - Th 13Logistics
Aegon Cappital visits Eindhoven officeJuneTh 27ICT Group
Sales meetingJulyTu 2ICT Group
Developer DaySeptemberTu 17ICT Group
INNOCY Summer EventSeptemberTh 19INNOCY
World of Technology and Science (WOTS)SeptemberTu 24 - Fr 27ICT Electronics
Family DaySeptemberSa 28ICT Group
All about automation - DüsseldorfOctoberTu 1 - We 2ICT Electronics
Industrial Cyber Security EventOctoberTu 8ICT Group
TechoramaOctoberTu 8 - We 9Recruitment
Marathon EindhovenOctoberSu 13ICT Group
4-mile GroningenOctoberSu 13ICT Group
Water CongresOctoberTu 15Water & infra
ICT&LogistiekNovemberWe 6 - Th 7Logistics
7-heuvelen loopNovemberSu 17ICT Group
Christmas receptionDecemberTh 12ICT Group
Event calendar 2023
Improve 25 jaarJanuaryTh 12Improve
InfraTech - AhoyJanuaryTh 17 - Fr 20INNOCY, ICT NL Water, Infra & Energy
Management trainingJanuaryTh 24Management
PPA EventJanuaryTh 24Industry
Experience Day R&D EngineeringFebruaryTh 9Recruitment
Lunch learnersFebruaryTh 16Young ICT
Careerday TU/eMarchTu 7Recruitment
LasertagMarchTh 16Young ICT
Multimodaal Transport ExpoMarchTh 16Yellowstar
Water infodayMarchTh 16ICT NL Water
InTraffic 20 yearsAprilSa 1InTraffic
IJsselloop DeventerAprilSu 16ICT Group
OrangeNXT customer eventAprilWe 19OrangeNXT
LDE23AprilTh 20Improve
ICT Group Meeting EindhovenMayMo 8ICT Group
ICT Group Meeting DeventerMayTu 9ICT Group
Fourtress customer eventMayTu 9Fourtress
TestNet spring eventMayTu 9InTraffic recruitment
ICT Group Meeting SchiedamMayWe 10ICT Group
Community Event IA EngineersMayTh 11Recruitment
ICT Group Meeting HoutenMayTu 16ICT Group
Informative BingoMayTh 25Young ICT
150 years KNSBMayWe 31InTraffic
Global Public Transport SummitJuneSu 4 - We 7InTraffic
Requirements eveningJuneTu 6Improve
TOC EuropeJuneTu 13 - Th 15Haven logistiek
Padel TournamentJuneTh 15Young ICT
Tech Feast DeventerJuneFr 16Recruitment
DevelopmentdayJuneTu 20ICT Group
ICT Group Smart Industry SummitJuneWe 21ICT NL Industry
HackerXJuneTh 22Recruitment
Aveva - NijmegenJuneTh 22ICT Group
Automobil Elektronik Kongress - GermanyJuneTu 27Automotive
Summer BBQJulyWe 5 - Fr 7ICT Group
Mathworks conference - Germany JulyWe 12ICT Electronics
Summer EventSeptemberTh 7INNOCY
FamilydaySeptemberSa 9ICT Group
Railforum RaildaysSeptemberFr 15InTraffic
Electronics & Applications (E&A)SeptemberTu 26 - Th 28ICT Electronics
InTraffic 20 years - customer eventSeptemberTh 28InTraffic
Raspberry Pi ChallengeOctoberMo 2Young ICT
Marathon EindhovenOctoberSu 8ICT Group
Industrial Cyber Security EventOctober Tu 10ICT Group
TechoramaOctoberTu 10 - We 11Recruitment
All about automation - DEOctoberWe 18ICT Electronics
ICT Group WebinarNovemberWe 1ICT Group
Community Event IA EngineersNovemberTh 2Recruitment
Smart City Expo - BarcelonaNovemberTu 7 - Th 9InTraffic
ICT & LogistiekNovemberWe 8 - Th 9ICT Group, Yellowstar
Young ICT eventNovemberTh 9Young ICT
Jubilee eventNovemberSa 11ICT Group
Water CongresNovemberTu 14ICT Group, Water
ABB Expert Group meetingNovemberTu 21ICT Group
Webinar AzureNovemberTu 28Recruitment
mobileNXT customer dayNovemberTh 30mobileNXT, Yellowstar, ICT Group
Sinterklaas eventDecemberSa 2ICT Group
ICT Group EventDecemberTu 19ICT Group