Intelligence Connected Together, the ambition to lead with sustainable technologies

ICT Group focuses on industries where development is driven by industrial automation, IT and OT integration, and digital transformation. Industry 4.0 requires integrated technological solutions in which data intelligence, big data, cloud computing, robotics, cyber security, IoT, augmented reality, and the use of low-code platforms are combined.

The potential of these technologies for a healthy, sustainable world is tremendous. We feel responsible for unlocking the said potential for our clients. We want to push the boundaries. Continue to lead with technologies that impact the world in which we live. Offer added value via specialised expertise and proven solutions.

The business strategy of ICT Group focuses on consultancy, projects, and products developed in-house that contribute to the business processes of our clients. Our data scientists develop innovative new models that improve business processes by making use of data and systems and by harmonising systems. We support our clients during the complete life-cycle and offer monitoring and management of critical business assets 24 hours a day.

That is why we keep expanding our strategic position in the development of new, innovative technologies.

Man with VR glasses

Add value

Our clients are continuously looking for new ways, new solutions in order to be able to better serve their clients. We know as no other what they are working on, what their markets look like, and what their clients expect. This makes us the designated partner for high-quality and large-scale industrial automation. We develop industry-specific software solutions based on our many years of experience and in-depth understanding of the specific requirements of the industry. We integrate fully in their business processes. That is our added value.

Knowledge and expertise

Our employees are crucial in our mission to make the world more intelligent on a daily basis. ICT creates an environment in which they can develop continuously, both personally and professionally, and always from their ambition and passion for technology. We do this with training, both externally and via our own ICT Group Academy. And, of course, employees are also challenged in projects and in the cooperation with clients and partners to further expand their technological expertise and specialist knowledge. In addition, we stimulate initiatives that contribute to an inspiring and innovative work environment. An example is the ‘Council of 20’, a group of young ICT talents who assist in pushing the boundaries throughout the organisation. ICT rightly stands for: Intelligence Connected Together.

Buy, Build & Partner

ICT Group has a ‘Buy, Build & Partner’ strategy. This implies that we want to develop both organically and through acquisitions.

Making the world a little smarter every day

Perhaps the most strategic choice that we have now made is the intention of improving the world on a daily basis. As a consequence, we are continuously engaged in thinking more intelligently, working more intelligently, and more intelligent solutions. Our organisation breathes innovation and development, a never-ending story of challenges that we are happy to face with you.