For the world of tomorrow

We deploy our extensive range of expertise where it has the greatest impact and where the solutions offered provide the highest added value for our clients. That is why ICT Group also offers cloud-based software products developed in-house, such as a cloud-based software platform for the supply chain, IoT, digital transformation, AI and our own software for Mobility as a Service. With our Motar low-code platform we facilitate fast and flexible model-based development with higher speed and lower costs.

Our products

  • DigitalNXT

    DigitalNXT, from data to insight

    From data to insight. Whether it is about optimising your production planning, asset management, predictive maintenance, or connected product development, DigitalNXT will guide your organisation through the digital transformation.
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  • ionite


    Customizing your I/O.nite dashboard to your business needs and wants with just a few clicks. Every organisation and every user is different. So for us it is important that you, as the user, can easily configurate your dashboards according to your needs and wishes.
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  • InfraNXT


    Managers and owners of infrastructure assets such as tunnels and bridges are responsible for the continuous availability, safety and sustainability of these assets. InfraNXT enables a proactive, cost-reducing way of working by enriching data generated by assets and thus transforming them into decision information.
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  • Electronics


    With our electronics products IoT gateway and embedded controllers we make machines smarter & connected. We create more innovation power and shorter time to market at lower costs. You are ready for the future, smart and connected.
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  • MososNXT CTG

    MososNXT CTG

    Thanks to the full integration of CTG data in the EHR, all information about mother and child is available to clinical midwives and gynaecologists in one central environment.
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  • Mosos


    Our Mosos programmes are the most complete information system for obstetrics.
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  • Motar

    Motar. Reduces your time to market

    Model your automotive software with Motar, without any need for development skills. Ideal for companies that specialize in (off-highway) vehicle engineering but lack the knowledge and capacity for ECU (Electronic Control Unit) software development.
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  • STAN S41 monitor

    STAN S41 monitor

    The STAN® S41 monitor, by the Swedish firm Neoventa, analyses the ST segment of the foetal ECG in real time.
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  • Turnn MaaS Suite

    Turnn MaaS Suite

    We believe in moving (home-work) mobility towards a sustainable, flexible and future-proof solution for everyone.
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  • Yellowstar

    Yellowstar - Supply chain solution

    Both for companies engaged in manufacturing, trade and retail and for logistics service providers, Yellowstar's logistics software gives real substance to chain collaboration, which improves your business.
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