Todor Marinov is CEO of Strypes Bulgaria. He joined Strypes in 2009 as a software developer and in 2015 Strypes became part of ICT Group. Since then, the company has grown from 65 to 650 employees. Todor is happy to explain the Bulgarian mindset for growth.

What can we do more tomorrow than today

“At Strypes We exist to deliver smart solutions that create business impact for our clients. We have the right competence and processes to develop and implement even the most ambitious smart solutions. Our approach is to work with our customers on a long term basis so we can identify challenges together and solve them by taking project responsibility. Next to maximizing the value for our customers, this brings commitment and inspiration for our people. We believe that part of our success is the close cooperation 
between our local and remote teams. A great example is our ProRail Sandite project were we successfully leveraged the customer intimacy and domain knowledge in the Netherlands with project delivery from Bulgaria.''

'In 2023 we are also closely working with other local units to find more opportunities to support our customers in building a smarter world together with us.'

Todor Marinov
CEO Strypes Bulgaria
Todor Marinov

Inspiring people will work wonders

“Within Strypes we believe that providing a clear and inspirational vision and giving a lot of responsibility to our people is part of the success of our company. Every 3 months, we hold a company meeting communicating our priorities and sharing our successes and lesson learnt. At the same time we provide our commitment to them. In exchange, we ask for commitment from all our people. In order to achieve that, we invest a lot in team building and personal development. Our motto is ‘we build the best people’. In 2022, as part of organizational development, we introduced a new leadership layer in order to support us with this important goal. Interesting fact was that 100% of this initially introduced group of managers were women. In order to achieve our ‘build the best people’ goal, we keep a close cooperation with all the biggest IT universities in Bulgaria. For us, Mindset for Growth means growing in impact and added value for clients, employees and society. Every day we ask ourselves the question ‘What can we do more tomorrow than today?’ When you inspire smart people and give them clear direction, they will work wonders. New challenges create new solutions, new customers and new people who fit us. That is our success factor: ‘we put happy people first’ and they will do their upmost to do the same for our customers.''

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