A wide portfolio

As European digital transformation and industrial automation specialists, ICT Group provide a wide range of proven solutions, innovative products, and useful services. Our brand portfolio includes a wide range of expertise, experience, and domain knowledge in our target markets. As one family, we build a sustainable future for our clients, people, and society. Our passion for technology is what unites us.

Joining forces for a smart, sustainable world

The great issues of this world ask for great solutions. We provide them by bringing people, technology, and ideas together. We achieve this with multiple brands that excel in technical expertise and market knowledge, each in their own field. We also share knowledge and integrate solutions across markets, ICT Group-wide. Thanks to this, our clients take full advantage of all our knowledge, products, and services. Each brand is the sum of all brands. Together, they and their 2,000 employees are at your disposal to make your world a bit smarter every day too.

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