Open systems and data-driven orchestration

A wave of technological innovation and integration is enabling industries, including ports, to operate in a more data- and insight-driven way. A Smart Port uses automation and innovative technologies. Data intelligence and IoT improve performance and optimize Return on Investment.

In this webinar we share our vision on container terminal automation and how to achieve Smart Port Logistics.

Breaking chains

The ports of the future will expand their role by orchestrating information flows to improve the efficiency of their entire ecosystem. Information is the cornerstone of Port 4.0. As revolutionary as closed automation silos were in their days, today they limit your business. A new approach is needed if you want to stay in control and ahead of the curve. Replacing closed automation silos with open orchestrated systems is the key.

Our solutions are reflected in the ‘container terminal automation pyramid’. This breaks the chains of vendor-specific solutions by integrating them with a unified platform. This helps you drive your business through information gathering, vendor-independent planning and equipment control.

More information about Smart Ports?

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