Knowledge of the systems of our strategic partners combined with our knowledge of the many customer domains in which we are active, is perhaps ICT Group's greatest strength. We bring people, technologies and ideas together. The value that this knowledge represents makes us stand out in the most diverse markets. ICT Group's Expert Centre is the excellent ecosystem that ensures that this knowledge remains up-to-date and is always available to solve complex issues of our customers.

Subject Matter Experts

The Expert Centre is a combination of expert teams with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who share and enrich their knowledge and skills. The aim is to remain at the forefront of markets that are strongly driven by knowledge, markets in which ICT Group plays a leading role and wants to continue to do so. Knowledge is the raw material of our services. That is why we think it is important that we have unlimited access to that raw material and can always deliver the promised quality. As an independent system integrator, it is our ongoing challenge to maximize knowledge about the systems of our strategic partners and the broad spectrum of domains in which we operate. The Expert Centre plays a central, innovative and inspiring role in this.

Sharing knowledge

Only by sharing knowledge can you enrich knowledge. The Expert Centre is the environment within ICT Group where we collect and update all the knowledge we need to grow and be at the forefront of new developments and sustainable technologies. Whether it's digital transformation, cyber security or AI, the latest insights and experiences (cases) are necessary to develop new industrial technology solutions for customers who want to be at the forefront of their own markets. Knowledge sharing is therefore not limited to an internal process. The Expert Centre takes a broad view. The SMEs exchange knowledge with our strategic partners and customers, always looking for state-of-the-art technologies that enable new and future-proof solutions.

Retaining knowledge

An important aspect of SMEs is that they have all the relevant certificates from strategic partners. To this end, they follow training courses, obtain certifications and are always in dialogue with external parties and ICT colleagues. We actively support our SMEs to ensure that their knowledge is kept up to date. Keeping track of certificates, coordinating projects and standardizing projects based on knowledge are important results of the way in which we organize the knowledge center. The Expert Centre demonstrably proves to customers and other parties that the knowledge level of our expert teams is always at the highest level.

Building knowledge

An important part of our knowledge is based on knowledge about the systems of our strategic partners. When a partner launches a new platform, it is essential for our services that we develop and secure the knowledge about it in-house quickly and at the highest level. Only then can we come up with solutions for customers that actually contribute to their market and competitive position. Knowledge building takes place throughout our organisation. We always look at integrated developments within the entire industrial chain of technology and business and look for the SMEs that best suit them. At ICT Group, knowledge building is a dynamic process that runs like a thread through the organisation.

Expert centre

Strategic partners

The strategic partners we work with include Siemens, Schneider Electric, AVEVA, ABB, Aspentech, Microsoft and Traksys. By combining our knowledge of their systems with deep industry and multi-domain expertise, we create an Expert Centre that formulates a validated answer for every question. And where necessary, we choose an unknown route that offers promising opportunities for the future and provides new knowledge. It is precisely our versatile expertise that makes it possible to develop new insights and come up with alternative solutions. In this way, the ICT Group Expert Centre also contributes to the creation of a smarter world.

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