Rotterdam, 14 December 2021 – Software supplier AllSolutions launches OnTime in collaboration with ICT Netherlands. This web application enables employees to easily and quickly register hours, claim expenses and take leave.

“Administering hours, is nobody’s favorite activity,” says Jan van Wijngaarden, Managing Director at AllSolutions. “It is of great importance that keeping track of hours, but also declaring expenses and requesting leave, is done properly, because in many cases business operations depend on it. For example, the sooner an employee records his or her hours worked, the faster the finance department can invoice. That means money comes in faster,” Van Wijngaarden continued. “To make those administrative tasks easier, faster and more fun for employees, we developed OnTime together with ICT Netherlands.”

Secure integration with AllSolutions

In the responsive web application, employees can register hours worked, claim expenses and take days off via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. “Just from the couch,” Van Wijngaarden explains. “All in an intuitive interface with Single Sign-On, and fully and securely linked to our online business software AllSolutions.” The link allows employees to register their hours on the project numbers and phases that they also use in AllSolutions. So all the data comes directly from the system, with the great advantage that the app itself does not store any data.

"We are proud to have created this product in co-creation with AllSolutions"

Simpler work for employees

The Woerden-based software provider created the application together with ICT Netherlands, a software integrator that provides innovative solutions and has been a customer of AllSolutions since 1993. “We are proud to have created this product in co-creation with AllSolutions,” says Almando Coutinho, Business Consultant Data Analytics at ICT Netherlands. “Our 1,500 employees already benefit from the app themselves. We look forward to also helping other organizations to make their employees’ work easier. In this way, we will ensure more satisfied employees, satisfied customers and satisfied finance departments.”

OnTime app

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