From January 1st, 2019, the Business Unit Energy from ICT Group has started working from a new location in the Utrecht region.

From Nieuwegein, the unit will serve its customers in the West and in the middle of the country. Not only by secondment to its customers, but also by beining the front office for the project locations in Groningen and Deventer. At these project locations, the DevOps teams work on energy solutions based on the IoT platform energyNXT. These solutions relate, for example, to the implementation of sustainable technologies. Think of batteries, EV, solar panels, heatpumps, but also optimization issues in the context of energy management and flexibility for a stable network, maximum efficiency or maximum use of own generation.

You can visit this project location from ICT Energy at the following address:

  • Iepenhoeve 11, 3438 MR Nieuwegein

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