IT-systems for executing administrative processes are often extremely complex, resulting in a huge amount of administrative red tape. Even if an organisation manages to implement an administrative system, the process of adjusting is usually a complicated and tiresome task. An additional challenge is the fact that legislation and regulations are changing continuously and that more organisations need to change their business models. SixBlocks solution reduces the time required to automate these processes by means of a business rules-approach that makes administrative red tape a thing of the past. The company works together with ICT Group to launch the associated platform on the market.

Model-driven software development for administrative process
Joost de Wit, founder of SixBlocks solution: “We have an international growth ambition and were looking for a partner that could assist us in marketing our platform. ICT Group leads the market in the domain of model-driven software development. Our business rules approach is also model-driven. That’s why SixBlocks realised the power of our solution immediately.”

ICT Group’s Business development manager Eric Rekers adds: “Our activities are divided into three domains – Smarter Cities, Smarter Industries and Smarter Healthcare – and we work for a large number of government bodies and large companies. This puts us in a strong position to understand the complexity of administrative environments because a large number of the solutions we develop have to communicate with those environments. Until now our focus was often aimed at areas other than administrative processes. However, SixBlocks solution is the ideal way to help our customers in simplifying the administrative automation.”

Model the rules of the game and the conditions instead of automating the process
What makes the SixBlocks platform stand out is the business rules approach. Business rules are the rules of the game and the conditions that govern a process. They are formulated in the language of the business, which ensures that everyone can comprehend them. The SixBlocks platform is a metamodel for modelling the business rules. The model runs on top of the existing software. If anything changes in a business rule or a set of business rules, for instance due to changes in legislation or because you want to introduce a new type of administration for social security implementation, all you need to do is to sit down with a couple of domain experts to sort out the relevant business rules, and then use SixBlocks to model them. Irrespective of the complexity of the underlying administrative process, this approach allows you to model a working solution in a matter of weeks instead of several months or even years, as is the case in the current situation. What’s more, SixBlocks simplifies and accelerates the process of adjusting the solution, thus ensuring that your organization remains agile and flexible.

Combination of 75 man-years of experience in automating administrative processes
The three founders of SixBlocks solution are driven entrepreneurs and each of them has more than 25 years of experience in automating complex administrative processes in the areas of pensions, insurance, accountancy and Human Resources. Each of the three specialists has been working with a business rules approach for years and has discovered that business rules always fit in a combination of the following six domains: processes, interfaces, validations, business transactions, calculation rules and tables. These six domains constitute the building blocks of the SixBlocks platform. Automating an administrative process using the SixBlocks platform is simply a matter of defining the business rules and allocating them to the six domains. The platform can then model the solution using a fully automated process. This result is a substantial reduction of the time-to-market of new software as well as the costs involved, while at the same time the flexibility is increased. This flexibility creates an unlimited array of opportunities for new products, services and innovations in government organisations and companies, and allows them to anticipate new and strategic business models in a proactive manner.

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