High energy prices, the carbon footprint, uncertainties about energy supplies, societal pressures and new legislation require efficient energy management. To structurally reduce daily energy consumption, data and insight are indispensable. Where do 'leaks' occur, where do machines run unnecessarily, where do patterns deviate? Studies show that companies waste 20% of energy costs annually due to inefficient equipment.

The dashboards of our Energy Management solutions show inefficient energy consumption and wasted materials at every level, from product and batch to machines and entire processes. With precise measurements, benchmarking, best practices and predictive analysis tools, we lay the foundation for sustainability goals and change management. You create ownership at all levels for a structural, widely supported sustainability policy, lower energy consumption, lower costs and an improved competitive position.

As the leading industrial system integrator and (again) best digital transformer in the Netherlands, ICT Group is your partner to lead the way in sustainability. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of production processes and industrial automation. We oversee the market, the needs and the technologies to design and implement the next step in sustainability for you.

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