InTraffic was founded 16 years ago as a joint venture between ICT Group and Movares. Since 2018, InTraffic has been a 100% subsidiary of ICT Group, which has expanded the cooperation even further. A shining example of the cooperation is the recent contract for the Rotterdam Port Authority (HbR).

Both InTraffic and ICT apply their expertise in the complete software lifecycle: consultancy, software development, integration, testing, management and maintenance. InTraffic realises and maintains complex information and control systems for mobility. ICT Transport & Logistics has been working for various container terminals for thirty years in the port of Rotterdam, including ECT. They know the port’s processes and systems and they have bundled their expertise in a Port Logistics Competence Centre.

Rotterdam smartest port

Bart Overgaauw, Business Unit Manager at ICT Transport & Logistics explains: “The cooperation between InTraffic and ICT proved its value when the Rotterdam Port Authority published a Tender request for QA and testing to the integration of the systems that support the planned construction of the Container Exchange Route (CER). The CER is part of an entirely new, advanced and unique concept introduced by the Rotterdam Port Authority – a concept that also includes deep sea terminals, inland navigation/feeder terminals, empty depots, a State Inspectorate Terminal (RIT) and distribution centres. It comprises specific infrastructure, logistic agreements and IT systems that connect the port’s terminals, empty depots, RIT and distribution centres. Because the Rotterdam Port Authority has set itself the goal of turning the port of Rotterdam into the smartest port in the world, this project comprises a huge amount of technology, for instance cameras that monitor vehicle movements. We were keen to take on the software integration by means of QA & Test, but as ICT Group we didn’t have any substantial references in this domain. However, InTraffic did have these references. They built the Process Management system for ProRail, a system that controls all railway signals and switches based on the timetable.”

“The cooperation immediately proved its success at the Rotterdam Port Authority.”
– Edwin Winterkamp, Key Account Manager InTraffic

Wider application of expertise

Edwin Winterkamp, Key Account Manager at InTraffic, adds: “The cooperation immediately proved its success at the Rotterdam Port Authority. This is a nice example of the fact that our knowhow of the mobility domain can be applied more generally for customers of ICT Group. And this also works the other way around. We frequently involve ICT colleagues in our projects at InTraffic. This is why I see this as an opportunity for our company now that we are a full subsidiary of ICT Group. There’s a much smaller burden of administrative tasks, and this has made it much easier to exchange expertise and employees. And what’s more, both our customers and the market reap the benefits. We can combine and apply our expertise and skills from various markets, and this leads to excellent ideas. For instance, I believe that ICT Group’s activities in the domain of image recognition for BAM are extremely well suited for application in the railway domain. ICT also has experience with platooning. It would be very interesting to investigate how this concept can be applied in the railway domain. And there’s much more, I can think of a lot of similar ideas.”

Knowledge exchange results in inspiration

Bart confirms: “What you can see happening is that knowledge is being exchanged in a very natural and organic manner. We inspire one another and this automatically leads to new insights. When you put together people of varying blood types with the aim of coming up with a solution, you obtain a better result than when you do this from your own narrow views. This has motivated us to use each other’s knowhow much more frequently. I also believe we can learn a lot from each other in the domains in which both of us have been active for years, for instance predictive maintenance. The ICT business unit Machine & Systems is specialised in this domain. A production plant and the railways are different environments, but in the end they both require regular maintenance and you want to plan this in a smart manner. Together we can offer a lot of added value here.” Edwin: “The railway world has a lot of traditional parties that find it very difficult to step outside of beaten tracks. Predictive maintenance is a subject that they’re rather familiar with; most parties are investigating this or are already applying this concept. But you can use a theme like this to challenge them to take a look beyond their comfort zones and think about the next step.” It’s clear. The main added value of the take-over is that the combination of both companies is in a stronger position to inspire customers. And to actually turn innovation into reality. “I strongly believe that the contract with the Rotterdam Port Authority is the first of a long series of joint assignments.”


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