InTraffic (an ICT Group company) is developing a fully multimodal journey planner including sharing platforms for the first time.

This is a great addition to existing trip planners, as it will provide truly integrated and combined advice for a trip using different modes. Moreover, it will eventually be possible to provide travel advice based on predictive data that is even more up-to-date and tailored to the traveller. The journey planner will be launched after the summer.

The multimodal journey planner will be offered under the label TURNN, part of InTraffic and ICT Group, and is in line with the development of Mobility as a Service in the Netherlands. The solution is more than a journey planner. Travellers can plan and book a journey in which public transport, shared systems and taxi can be combined.

While Google's app currently offers the option to book an Uber, this is in fact just a reference to Uber's app. "With us, it will really be possible to combine multiple modes and book directly," said Dave van Straten of InTraffic.

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