Jewelry chain Lucardi improves the management of its daily order flow of jewelry and watches from suppliers from many countries. The company does so with Yellowstar’s Star Flow Supply Chain. This order and transport management platform, to be rolled out in the near future, provides real-time insight into every step in the inbound chain: from the first order, through transport, to delivery in the warehouse in The Hague. In this way the jewelry chain, together with all its chain partners, can actually control its supply chain and make proactive adjustments at any desired moment.

Lucardi is the largest jewelry chain in the Netherlands with approximately its own 125 stores and an extensive webshop. The company offers customers a hip and trendy range of jewelry and watches at an affordable price. Characteristic for the stores is the inviting open storefront and the clear presentation in glass showcases. Visitors can make their own selection from these.

100% chain transparency

Star Flow Supply Chain of Yellowstar makes the incoming flow of jewelry and watches for Lucardi fully transparent and controllable. Exchanging data in this chain will become very easy. Calling, emailing and using Excel will soon be a thing of the past. Private control towers provide both Lucardi and its chain partners 24/7 insight into the current status of orders. Exceptions and changes can always be managed proactively thanks to this 100% chain transparency. The order and transport management platform of Star Flow Supply Chain works on top of existing ERP and operational logistics systems. No adjustments are required at Lucardi and its supply chain partners.

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