The new ‘Elsevier 500’ has recently been published. In this edition, Jos Blejie tells more about innovation and acquisitions.

ICT Group is a leading technology and services provider listed on the Amsterdam Exchange. The company has been experiencing significant growth since 2014. CEO Jos Blejie talks about acquisitions, successful software and innovation.

"From six hundred employees in 2014 to fifteen hundred in 2019: yes, we have grown turbulently," says CEO Jos Blejie. "Partly autonomously, partly through acquisitions. At the beginning of 2019, we acquired Additude from Malmö. This company won the Swedish Gazelle Award for the past four years and is now also active in the Netherlands, especially in (tech) recruitment. We also acquired BNV Mobility, which developed TURNN: the best independent MaaS platform on the Dutch market. With the recent acquisition of Proficium, together with Nedmobiel, we want to create the engineering company of the future. These acquisitions really contribute to our strategy of becoming a total solutions provider."

Digital transformation

ICT Group operates in industry, healthcare and the public domain. "We have specialised in industrial automation for forty years," says Blejie. "When it comes to digital transformation, we are ahead of competitors. Digitalisation and turning data into operational business information is in our DNA."

ICT Group is involved in several major projects, such as Zuidasdok and the Gaasperdamer Tunnel.

Blejie: "Our software is leading the way. For example, OrangeNXT, which is part of ICT Group, has developed mobileNXT: a platform that offers field workers a pocket-sized office."


"In the Netherlands, the supply of technicians is scarce," says Blejie. "Yet we manage to fascinate and bind people here too. Through our CoLab community, we work with students on solutions that will make a difference in the future. That we are living up to our reputation as a training provider is evident from the second place we scored in the recent Computable 100 in the 'Education & Training' ranking. ICT Group is present in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Bulgaria. Thus, we have a strong position in Northern Europe and will continue to strengthen it."

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