TNO, an independent organization for Applied Scientific Research in the Netherlands, recently selected the Motar solution of ICT Group (ICT) to add value to their prestigious EcoTwin project.

The EcoTwin project uses a 3-Truck platooning concept, in which three trucks cooperate by using automated driving technology. The intention of the EcoTwin development is to show that when vehicles drive within a short distance of each other, any vehicle in the platoon is technically able to follow the vehicle in front of it by using radar, GPS, V2V and camera information. The vehicles are connected with wireless technology and the following vehicles can automatically accelerate, brake and even steer. The ICT Motar solution was an important tool in this project. You can watch the video here.

Eeuwke Wielinga, Business Unit Manager ICT Automotive & Mobility: “We are proud that TNO selected our Motar solution for this unique EcoTwin project. With Motar,we offer a solution in which your ECU firmware is ready as soon as the control algorithms are finished. Once your Simulink® prototype model is ready, you can build and flash your model on a production class automotive hardware target with the simple click of a button. Motar really bridges the gap from model to target.”

Eymert van Rooij, Project leader EcoTwin at TNO, “We have selected the ICT Motar solution to support the “EcoTwin” project because it significantly reduced both development time and development costs.

With almost forty years of experience, ICT Group is a leading organization in the Netherlands, especially in the field of industrial automation. ICT wants to make the world a little smarter with their innovative solutions. This project shows that technology-based innovations are critical for the competitive edge of our customers, as in time EcoTwin can make transport more efficient through fuel saving and CO2 emission reduction.