Smarter, more sustainable and safer travel is a must. Certainly in a fast-growing region like Brainport Eindhoven. In order to keep the region accessible, liveable and safe, Turnn (part of ICT Group), Brainport Development, the Municipality of Eindhoven and ASML are launching an awareness campaign and actions this month to encourage employees of Brainport companies to travel smarter, safer and more sustainably. With the slogan: ‘How zero are you?’ and a serious game, they are calling on employers and employees in the Brainport region to think about mobility.

Exhibition fromAtoBrainport during Dutch Design Week

On Monday, October 4th, the initiators started the awareness campaign for employers and employees. With a serious game that inspires you to think about how you travel more sustainably, the parties will visit the campuses in the region. The central question is: “How zero are you?” During the Dutch Design Week (DDW) from 16 to 24 October, the serious game will be set up for a broad audience. In it, Turnn takes travellers on a journey into the future of sustainable mobility. This will be brought to life at the exhibition during DDW.

In an interactive and visual way, a picture is formed of the Mobility As a Service (MaaS) pilot that was recently launched to keep the Brainport region liveable and accessible. The cooperation with ASML, Eindhoven municipality and Brainport Development to stimulate sustainable business travel is central to this.

Turnn with mobility awareness campaign at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven

Turnn app ready for regional scaling

One of the possibilities for more sustainable travel is the MaaS project with the Turnn app. With it, employees can plan, book and pay for their business trips. “The Turnn MaaS app has been extensively tested by more than 750 users over the past period,” says Davy van de Haar, one of the people involved in Turnn (part of ICT Group). “Together with the users, we improved the app and prepared it for regional scaling. With Turnn, companies will be able to travel by train without an OV chip card, declare their own transport and book shared transport from 1 October.”

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