Adding new functionalities to an existing vehicle

Adding new functionalities to an existing vehicle

  • 1 February 2021
  • 3 minutes


Conmeq designs electric mini-loaders from scratch. Thanks to ICT’s Motar platform, the software could be developed considerably faster. Now it is time for the next step.

Thanks to the model-based development tool, software could be taken directly from the drawn model to production, without writing any code. This solution provided a shorter time-to-market. In addition, Conmeq is now able to add new functionality to their existing vehicle at lightning speed.

Conmeq’s AS-15 mini-loader, which was originally built to be controlled from the machine by an operator, was made fully remote-controlled within one working day using the Motar platform. Safety is of course paramount in such a development, and thanks to the modular model used to program the machine, it was possible to safely add functional blocks to the machine’s software within one day. This provides enormous added value. Especially since implementing new functions on such a machine through a traditional development method often takes days, if not weeks. Thanks to the Motar platform this can be realized many times faster.

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