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  • 2 May 2024
  • 5 min

Improved efficiency, time savings, and enhanced service delivery are at the core of this groundbreaking solution.

With a growing demand for efficiency and accuracy in the logistics sector, neska INTERMODAL has implemented an innovative system: Star Flow Terminals. Developed in collaboration with ICT Yellowstar, this system not only enhances functionalities but also boosts efficiency and time savings for the logistics service provider. By integrating various modules, daily orders, invoicing, and intermodal transportation can be effortlessly managed from one central platform. With over 400 users spread across four inland terminals and two seaport offices, Star Flow Terminals has a significant impact on neska INTERMODAL's operations.

The benefits of the system are evident: a time saving of 20 to 30%, more efficient data management, additional functionalities such as real-time container tracking, and cost savings through digitization. Moreover, the system provides more information to customers, resulting in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction. With over 500,000 containers transported annually and ambitious future plans, such as developing a customer portal for track & trace, neska INTERMODAL continues to strive for logistical excellence.

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Star Flow Terminals offers neska INTERMODAL greater efficiency

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