IRIS4 from ICT Raster helps MARIN to hardware independent SCADA solution

IRIS4 sets a new standard for SCADA with innovative technology

  • 28 June 2024
  • 6 min

MARIN's Zero Emissions Lab (ZEL) is working on an emission-free propulsion system for shipping. ICT Raster, system integrator for product and process automation, supports MARIN with the development of software. 

Traditional SCADA packages proved to be an obstacle to innovation. With IRIS4, ICT Raster has eliminated this and created an integrally working, future-proof solution. Flexible, cyber secure, web-based and platform-independent. 

The engine room of the future

MARIN (Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands) started ZEL in 2017 with the aim of developing 'the engine room of the future'. An energy concept to enable ships to sail climate-neutral or emission-free. Jeroen Willemsen, design and test engineer at MARIN: "ZEL has now entered the test phase. Bachmann Electronic provides the hardware for the automation platform and Raster the software. The platform includes various PLCs and HMIs within SCADA environment.

Flexible single point of truth

Julian van Basten, product owner IRIS at ICT Raster: "A problem with traditional SCADAs is that each subsystem has its own HMI and its own data source. This regularly causes delays, differences in data and availability risks.  For this reason, Raster has developed a completely new SCADA package for MARIN: IRIS4, a central data platform with configurable SCADA screens. The starting point was central storage of data, a single point of truth, which is accessible to every component of the platform, but also to third parties, due to the open architecture. Flexibility is paramount in order to be able to meet increasingly complex customer wishes and requirements."

"In a good dialogue with our people, the Raster engineers are constantly looking for improvements." Jeroen Willemsen, Design and test engineer at MARIN

Additional Features

Jeroen: "We want to be able to look at every screen within the total set-up and then be able to see and operate all parts of the installation. The old concept of an HMI per subsystem has been abandoned. Now, all subsystems deliver data to the central data source of the SCADA system. Julian: "IRIS4 is platform-independent, web-based, client-server, Javascript. Includes an ergonomic library for screens for machine builders and process companies. In addition, IRIS4 can process and present both real-time and historical data so that operators can perform quick and smart analyses on the process."


Cyber Secure

Julian: "The Marin system is now set up in such a way that you can place an HMI anywhere in the network and control everything from the central SCADA server. Even with an iPad. We have brought real-time data, historical data and operation together within one system. And with IRIS4, cybersecurity is an integral part of the solution, security by design. Old systems are by nature hardly or not easy to make without a lot of interventions. In other words, new technology and new methodology. IRIS4 is absolutely innovative in its kind."

Excellent collaboration

IRIS4 has been newly developed by ICT Raster based on 20 years of knowledge and experience with SCADA systems. MARIN was one of the first applications. As a result, she fulfilled the unforeseen role of beta tester and played a crucial role in the refinement of IRIS4. Jeroen: "We certainly had some discussions during the process, but Raster took every system wish seriously. Their development team handles our feedback quickly and the follow-up and support is also excellent. Their engineers are constantly looking for improvements in close cooperation with our people. In fact, our hardware now performs better than before. That gives me a lot of confidence."

IRIS4 is the new generation of SCADA

Julian: "There is now a SCADA solution that provides great added value for many industrial applications, such as within mechanical engineering, the food industry, the oil and gas company or laboratories. None of the major SCADA vendors can provide a comparable product, as many of their systems are based on outdated technology, with all the limitations for complex issues. IRIS4 allows you to create any application for any SCADA environment without any problems. IRIS4 is truly revolutionary in this market." ICT Raster shows that it recognizes the needs of the market and is able to develop a solution that marks a new standard for SCADA worldwide.


Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands

MARIN is a world-renowned institute for maritime research. Our mission is 'Better Ships, Blue Oceans': we stand for clean, smart and safe shipping and sustainable use of the sea. We do this as an independent knowledge partner for the maritime sector, government and society.

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