Rail Cargo Group

One single solution for the entire intermodal process

Rail Cargo Group

  • 30 September 2020
  • 5 min

As the freight division of the Austrian federal railway company ÖBB, it offers customers an extensive intermodal network for end-to-end logistics throughout the whole of Europe and far into Asia. 

Rail Cargo Group (RCG), a leading European rail logistics company, has chosen ICT Yellowstar's Transport Management System (TMS) and Terminal Operating System (TOS). This integrated solution provides a comprehensive solution for RCG's intermodal process, accessible via web and EDI and hosted in the cloud. Implemented through the scrum method, it seamlessly integrates with the RCG platform MIKE and supports cross-border collaboration. 

With ICT Yellowstar's proven effectiveness, RCG improves its customer service, with better operational collaboration and real-time information exchange within the network. The choice of ICT Yellowstar was made for its web-based approach, cloud hosting, integration capabilities, and proven track record, while implementation is led through the agile scrum method, resulting in effective collaboration between ICT Yellowstar and RCG.

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