Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance for the agricultural sector

Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance for the agricultural sector

  • 24 November 2020
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A steadily growing number of farms around the entire world are being automated. The agricultural sector, where most of the work is performed by machines, is responsible for an increasing demand for smart IoT solutions. These solutions increase productivity and optimise resource utilisation.

ICT Group develops IoT solutions for monitoring equipment, performing diagnostic tests and implementing remote updates. Many of our customers are equipment manufacturers whose products consist of hundreds or even thousands of components. This means that a standard solution is no option because it does not meet the customer’s complex requirements. What’s more, any adjustments that may be required will be complicated and expensive.

ICT Group develops smart, customised IoT solutions that meet the specific functional requirements and UI/UX requirements of our customers. We help equipment manufacturers in their process of maximising the operational time of machines and reducing the need for service engineers to work on-site.

A unique solution

Lely is a company that produces Milk robots, and was looking for a reliable partner for developing an application for remote monitoring of machines. The company wanted to collect data and perform diagnostic tests in order to improve their performance, and needed a solution for implementing new configurations on a remote basis. This approach would eliminate the need for the company’s service engineers to perform their work onsite at clients’ premises. A major benefit in the current times.

Read here more about the unique solution for Lely

Our services

Remote monitoring
This step consists of collecting data on devices that are used to perform remote diagnostic tests. Remote monitoring means that we don’t analyse the information immediately. The application we developed monitors a variety of parameters and detects any malfunctioning components. The next step involves a number of diagnostic tests based on the entire set of data.

Remote diagnostics
Once we have collected the data from the monitoring process, we can apply AI and machine learning in order to gain insights. Even if a machine functions properly, these insights can still help us in improving the performance. A large number of companies that perform data monitoring, fail to analyse the data, and thus they miss out on attractive opportunities. Diagnostics that are performed remotely allow the engineers to provide remote support without having to travel unnecessarily.

Remote updates
Remote updates allow the technical service department to detect issues and implement new configurations without having to be present at the farm.

Our expertise

Our teams consist of experts in the domain of applications for remote monitoring and remote diagnostics. ICT Group’s engineers use technologies such as Azure, .Net, Javascript with React or Vue.

Deploying an IoT application at smart farms offers the following benefits:
– Maximising the operational time of machines;
– Remote monitoring of the status of machines;
– Reducing the need for technicians to travel to a farm in order to resolve issues;
– Accelerating the process for detecting issues, thus enabling farmers to focus on their core activities;
– Collecting statistical data on the behaviour and utilisation of equipment in order to make proposals for further product development.

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Remote Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance for the agricultural sector


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