Pim Vedder

Dive into the complex matter of mobility systems as a tester at InTraffic

Tester at Intraffic

  • 25 January 2021
  • 2 minutes

Meet Pim. At Intraffic, we mainly work on the systems surrounding train traffic in the Netherlands and colleague Pim is involved in the process management as project leader.

Working at ICT Group

As test manager, I am involved in process management. This includes all the systems that are necessary for train traffic in the Netherlands to run safely.

‘‘Do you enjoy working as a tester with the latest technology and getting stuck into complex mobility issues? Then Intraffic is the right place for you!’’ 
- Pim Vedder

Watch the video for more specific information on what Pim does in his daily work.

The video is only available in Dutch. 

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