Twan Lambriex, Senior Software Designer at ICT Netherlands

I’m aiming to become a software architect and work with even more complex matter

Twan Lambriex, Senior Software Designer at ICT Netherlands

  • 14 May 2019
  • 4 minutes

It’s a piece of cake to order a new pair of shoes or a book online. Nobody is surprised when the package is delivered next day. What it took to get that done is a fine piece of clever engineering and process automation.

Twan works on a project for an international manufacturer of logistical solutions in warehousing and for luggage handling.

Process automation

“The project I am working on right now is an advanced shuttle system for warehouses. Shuttles, elevators and robots are managed from a User Interface to pick up the pair of shoes you just ordered from the webshop. Keep in mind a warehouse the size of several football fields in which these shuttles with little baskets on top are moving around on sort of a light rail track. No need for anyone to climb in the storage racks anymore and no forklifts riding around, resulting in significant time gain and virtually no errors. Subsequently, the pair of shoes you’ve ordered is packed, labelled and ready for distribution.”

Social events

During his professional career, Twan has worked for several different IT companies. “What I appreciate about ICT Group, is the informal atmosphere. There is no stiff-upper-lip culture or a rigid dress code, that would make me quite uncomfortable. Most people are very approachable, even management and colleagues from other business units. The company is quite dynamic and organises regular business and social events. Although I am stationed with a client right now, I would never miss a dinner with my team at ICT Eindhoven. I not only enjoy keeping in touch with my ICT colleagues, it is also important that they know what I am working on and what I am good at. That will help me find a next challenge when I finish this assignment.”

I find a challenge in any new project, the more complex the better.

Twan Lambriex
Senior Software Designer at ICT Netherlands
Twan Lambriex Senior Software Designer at ICT Netherlands


“The client I work for now wants me to extend my stay. I really enjoy projects I’m doing here and there are several interesting challenges coming up, for example a couple of visits to end-users abroad. For me, that is like the cherry on the cake, being away in a different environment, solving problems, and a content customer as a result. The shuttle system will also be used at airports to temporarily store luggage for delayed flights. When a flight is late, the luggage can’t be boarded and needs to be stored safely without getting lost in the system. A reliable, short term and flexible storage solution for luggage is crucial.”

Software architect

Twan has been a Senior Software Designer at ICT group for two years now. “I find a challenge in any new project, the more complex the better. I generally work with C# and .Net to build a great variety of applications. I see myself as an all-round specialist who likes to be involved in all aspects of the process. It helps that I am curious by nature, can quickly analyse a problem and get to the bottom of it, and that I am solution driven. I am eager to keep up my knowledge of the field, I have taken all the relevant courses at ICT Academy. Together with my OM (Operational Manager) I’m investigating what could be the logical next step for me. My ambition is to become a software architect and deal with even more complex matter. ICT facilitates me to achieve my personal goals.”

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