Tijdens ESTRO 37 introduceert ICT Group een nieuwe radiotherapieoplossing, CorTx-RT. Het evenement vindt plaats van 20-24 april 2018 in Barcelona, Spanje.

CorTx-RT: vereenvoudigt de complexiteit van radiotherapie-oncologie

CorTx-RT is een oplossing voor het beheer van radiotherapiegegevens en workflow, die alle gegevensoverdrachten tijdens de behandeling voor haar rekening neemt. Met als doel de veiligheid van de patiënt en de kwaliteit van de behandeling te verbeteren, vertragingen in de behandeling drastisch te beperken en de efficiëntie van de workflow te verhogen.

Bent u benieuwd naar onze radiotherapieoplossing? Bekijk de animatie hieronder (In het Engels)!

Product information CorTx-RT

Radiation Oncology is an innovative discipline which is rapidly evolving, we remain conscious of the fact that the strive for better and more accurate and precise treatments should go hand in hand with the effort to provide optimal care to radiation and oncology patients in general.

Besides the introduction of CorTx-RT, ICT Group will also inform you about the project in cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH):  ‘A “big-data” platform, managing the clinical data & workflows and facilitating clinical research’ and a project in cooperation with Smart Scientific Solutions BV regarding a small animal application: ‘Optimizing preclinical research by using a data management platform’.


ESTRO is a society focusing on interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity, giving radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiobiologists, brachytherapists and radiation therapists (RTTs) the opportunity to engage with other oncology organizations with the collective aim of improving cancer treatment. This conference will convey the theme ‘Innovation for Value and Access’.

Innovations in radiation oncology do not only have a positive impact on the value of our treatments, but we can also use the technological (e.g. automation, efficiency) and radiobiological (e.g. hypofractionation) advances to serve an ever growing subset of patients.

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