Managers and owners of infrastructure assets such as tunnels and bridges are responsible for the continuous availability, safety and sustainability of these assets.

The sooner they detect a problem with a CCTV camera, traffic light or other object, the faster they can intervene, preferably before an actual breakdown occurs. InfraNXT enables such a proactive, cost-reducing way of working by enriching data generated by assets and thus transforming them into decision information.

Scalable and extremely secure platform

InfraNXT combines INNOCY's domain knowledge with ICT Group's technical expertise. It is a further development of the predictive maintenance platform conNXT, which was developed by ICT Group. This is a highly scalable, extremely secure cloud platform that complies with the ISO27001 standard for information security.

Proactive performance management

InfraNXT distinguishes itself from other predictive maintenance platforms by its expertise in the domain of infrastructure assets. Linking data generated by these assets to performance indicators creates decision information that allows an asset management organisation to proactively act and manage performance and contract boundaries.

What makes us stand out

  • Enriching data into decision information
  • Cloud-based failure analysis tool
  • Making maintenance predictable
  • Enabling just-in-time replacement
  • Optimising the maintenance process based on actual status of components
  • In-depth knowledge of infra domain
  • Data specialists within ICT Group
  • Taking advantage of digital transformation

The business benefits of InfraNXT:

  • Combining the data and taking actions based on performance indicators and decision information creates steering information for the asset management organisation. This type of remote monitoring means that in many cases they no longer need to physically enter a tunnel or go to a bridge to ascertain the cause of a problem. After all, they can already see this in the InfraNXT dashboards;
  • In case of a breakdown, the asset management organisation can immediately send a technician who carries the right parts, thus reducing repair time, lowering costs and lowering CO2 emissions by reducing transport movements and by replacing components at the right time (optimal lifetime);
  • Remote monitoring addresses the labour market issue. You can monitor multiple assets from one central location for various aspects: technical availability, the cause of any malfunction, power consumption, signals indicating that a component is due for replacement, et cetera;
  • Predictive maintenance also allows you to predict which assets will need maintenance, and when. Certain parts will have a longer lifespan than previously thought because they are less prone to wear and tear, while other parts may need to be replaced earlier than planned because there is more wear than expected.

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