The name INNOCY is relatively new. Nevertheless, the consultancy and engineering firm has a wealth of experience. The company is part of ICT Group and was created by the merger of NedMobiel and Proficium. Companies with a lot of experience in the field of infrastructure. In January, INNOCY further expanded with the acquisition of Strypes Netherlands. Jos Blejie, CEO of ICT Group: “By bringing together the expertise of these three companies, INNOCY is the consultancy and engineering firm of the future. INNOCY is already a strong player in the infra industry in its approach of the full V-model. With the addition of Strypes NL, INNOCY has expanded its market position in the area of technology and (industrial) automation within the infrastructure sector and beyond.”

“We have already worked with Strypes on the Zeedoksluis lock in Den Helder and the Gaasperdammertunnel in Amsterdam. Strypes adds additional expertise in the planning, design, and testing phases. Together, we are strengthening our market position as an innovative, versatile and flexible consultancy and engineering firm.” INNOCY Director Bram ten Klei: “We see that times are changing, there is a huge shortage of engineers and this will only increase. We want to solve this partly by attracting new employees, but technology also plays a very important role.”

Involved in entire life cycle

INNOCY focuses on five domains: asset management, project management, safety, data and information and technology and automation. Ten Klei: “With services in these areas we cover the entire life cycle of complex rail, road and water infrastructure. From the planning phase, to the execution, maintenance and finally the demolition phase. With our technological background, we want to make everything just a little bit smarter.”

Ten Klei says the goal is always to deliver added value that actually benefits the customer. “We are switching more and more to turnkey projects. Like with the extension of the A9 between Badhoevedorp and Holendrecht.” For a fixed price, INNOCY supports customers throughout the asset management organisation. “We are involved in various aspects of the bid from the beginning. We mapped out the risk profile and found an optimum between the risks, performance and costs and benefits during the project and during the maintenance period that follows. We not only make the plan, but provide the right people throughout the contract period, from asset manager to failure coordinators.”

A responsible partner

INNOCY consciously wants to assume part of the risk and responsibility for a project. “We don’t want to charge for our hours, but want to be a partner who takes on a project and assumes responsibility for it. This also applies to the maintenance phase. For example, INNOCY provided a system in a tunnel that gives early warning of safety risks. “Smart technology helps to improve our services.” INNOCY also deploys this technology internally. Ten Klei: “We are working on securing our knowledge and experience with technological solutions. Thanks to the development strength of the ICT Group, we aim to automate 80% of the work. Engineers can then focus on 20% of the interesting and creative part of the work.” In this way, we remain an attractive employer for our employees and a true Lifecycle Master for our customers.  

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