The CO2 emission data of all entities have again been collected and the report for the first half year (H1) of 2021 has been published. Due to the acquisition by NPM and everything that came along with it, it did take longer than usual. You can find the report on: Intranet CO2-performance-ladder pagina

Last year, a new reduction plan was drawn up for the period 2021-2026. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions per FTE by 79.3% in 2026 compared to the reference year 2019. This amounts to an average reduction of 11% per FTE per year.

For the period H1-2021, total emissions per FTE decreased from 0.83 tonnes to 0.61 tonnes per FTE. This is a reduction of 27.4% compared to H1-2020. We have reduced our total CO2 emissions by 205,71 tonnes in the first half year, which is equivalent to offsetting a forest of around 16500 trees! A great result, to which of course the COVID-19 restrictions such as more working from home and less commuting have also contributed.

The reduction plan mainly includes measures related to mobility, since this component causes the most CO2 emissions. This can be clearly seen in the graph below with the emissions per scope and category for H1-2021.


One of these measures is the new leasing scheme that has been set up to ensure that by 2025 only CO2-neutral leasing will be possible. With regard to our buildings, we will look into which measures we can take to reduce our CO2 emissions even further.

If you have any ideas on how to reduce CO2 emissions, please send them to [email protected].