ICT Group has joined UniversalAutomation.Org (UAO). UAO is fully independent and was established to promote the use of the reference runtime implementation of the IEC61499 standard worldwide.

The IEC61499 standard decouples automation software and hardware in OT environments and merges the worlds of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). It aims to create a whole new category within industrial automation and unleash the full potential of Industry 4.0. For the first time, IT and OT software vendors, industrial end-users, OEMs and system integrators - regardless of brand - will share a common software layer for their automation technology. Within the OT domain, this is an absolute breakthrough: "We are redefining automation". 

ICT Group joins UniversalAutomation.Org

ICT Group joined because we fully subscribe to UAO's objectives: open standards, independent thinking and connecting. As a European system integrator, we also apply these objectives to our customers and strategic partners. We embrace the universal standards and values promoted by UAO. This fits with our role as a leader and connector in the field of innovative technologies. By working together within an ecosystem of innovative suppliers and leading users, we have access to the next generation of universal automation technology. In doing so, we contribute to innovation within digital transformation. Together, we create a smarter world.

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