ICT is an important contributor to the development of smarter cities. Cities face increasing challenges in the field of water, energy, mobility, waste and the environment. These challenges call for solutions in which people, authorities, companies, machines and even products are connected to one another, exchanging information and inter- acting in real time.

ICT Group Aqua Connect

As we are constantly expanding our services to contribute to the realization of smarter cities, we are proud to announce our participation in the NWO Perspective Program “AquaConnect”.

AquaConnect project

AquaConnect will provide solutions for regional water provision problems by developing integrated smart water-grids based on innovative digital technologies that enable circular approaches for fit-for-purpose and on-demand fresh water supply based on currently unexploited water resources. Demonstration of these smart water-grids will occur in different regions of the Netherlands and is accompanied by a scientific assessment of the financial, economic, legal and political conditions the allow full-scale implementation of the smart water-grid.


Real-time monitoring and model predictive control of smart water grids

ICT has extensive experience in digital data and software systems for the water industry and will share this expertise and support the development of the operational control solutions to optimally match demand and supply in smart digital grids. ICT will improve the connection between the scientific research of the TU/e in the field of digital technologies, focusing on real-time monitoring and model predictive control of smart water grids. This includes:

  • (co)design of the system control architecture, focused on large-scale data connections and data integration, including optimal performance of the monitoring system to large scale users;
  • (co)design of a monitoring app and required system architecture;
  • (co)integration of the external water systems to prove actual usability of the system.

Improving the quality and performance of urban services is not only a necessity because of ongoing urbanization but goes hand in hand with reducing resources and costs. ICT Group is proud to be part of this project. Watch the video below for more information about AquaConnect.

Click to watch the video about the collaboration with AquaConnect. 

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