ICT Group has been chosen, by business decision-makers, as the best Digital Transformer of the Netherlands in the Software, Development & Platforms/Enablers-Overall category. This is the result of the DX300 survey, which was carried out on the initiative of leading entrepreneurial platform MT/Sprout. DX300 gauges the state of digital transformation in the Netherlands on the basis of two questions. Which companies and organisations are in the lead when it comes to digital transformation? And: which service providers make this possible?

Leaders and enablers

Initiator MT/Sprout conducted the DX300 study in cooperation with the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation (ACBI) of the University of Amsterdam.

The study consisted of two sub-studies. On the one hand, the degree of digital maturity of large Dutch companies and institutions was studied, the so-called 'Leaders in digital transformation'. On the other hand, the qualities of service providers and suppliers who enable the digital transformation of other companies, the so-called 'Enablers of digital transformation', were investigated.

Four stars on all components

Unique to the approach of DX300 is that participants in the study assessed companies that are active in their own sector on the basis of four elements: cooperation with their clients in digital transformation projects, expertise in the area of digital transformation, quality of the execution of their services and the extent to which their digital transformation service provision contributes to better results (turnover, lower costs, greater effectiveness).  ICT Group scored four stars on all four components and as a result gained first place as a digital enabler in the Software, Development & Platforms/Enablers-Overall category.

Roel de Backer, ICT Group's Industrial Automation division director, is proud of this splendid verdict from business decision-makers. "As an international supplier of solutions for industrial technology, ICT Group helps industry to successfully shape digital transformation. We are constantly pushing back the boundaries so that we can remain at the forefront of technologies that have a positive impact on business and the world we live in. Digital transformation offers enormous potential to make the world smarter while contributing to a more sustainable future. Together, we are going to make a success of Industry 4.0."

ICT Group is proud of this high ranking in the DX300. It is a nice step that contributes to our ambition to strengthen our leading position in digital transformation for the industry.

Making a success of Industrie 4.0 together

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Making a success of Industrie 4.0 together

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