New communication service

ICT Group has won the tender from PALGA for the design, implementation and management of a new communications service. The contract has a term of ten years.

Infrastructure for storage and exchange of pathology reports for daily patient care

PALGA, the Pathological-Anatomical National Automated Archive, manages a database with all pathology results from the Netherlands, as well as a computer network for data exchange with all pathology labs in the Netherlands. The existing infrastructure is intended for the exchange of orders and pathology reports between the 49 affiliated laboratories and the storage of the 85 million examination reports that the database now contains. Because the infrastructure needed replacing, a European tender was issued. This was won by ICT Group.

Iris Nagtegaal, President of the Board of PALGA: "What is remarkable is that ICT understands the context of the contract well. They showed in their tender that they understand what the work is about and how responsibilities need to be divided. PALGA looks forward with confidence to the collaboration with ICT Group."

The development of the new communication service will start in December 2020. Implementation is planned from the end of 2021.

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