Various tech teams were competing for substantial prizes in Honeywell’s Mobile App Hackathon at the start of its annual Honeywell-Movilizer Days in Mannheim.

Team members of competing teams were taking turns grabbing some sleep Tuesday night, while the ICT team stayed at their computers without a break. The teams were scheduled to present at a general session Wednesday afternoon.


Mike Limburg and Victor Beersma, both from ICT, assisted by Jesús de Mulo and Jasmin Sipahi from Movilizer started with the idea of developing an app that added gamification to a standard Proof of Delivery process. Adding gamification to a standard process brings joy, motivation and quality so resulting in a win-win-win situation for the employee, the employer and the customer. Gamification elements like driving fuel efficient, arriving on scheduled times and friendly interaction with the customer enables drivers to earn points. Within the developed app the driver can see his progress, his score as well as this compared to his colleagues.

ICT Group "Best Presenting Team"

After presenting at the general session, where the audience and the Honeywell general management voted the team of ICT was awarded the prize ‘Best Presenting Team’. As a result ICT is rewarded with ‘Honeywell’s Preferred Partner 2017’ status. The film used in the pitch and some screenshots from the app are included in the video below.

Impression Honeywell Hackathon pitch

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