INNOCY is expanding its predictive maintenance and remote monitoring services with InfraNXT, a platform specifically aimed at infrastructure assets.

InfraNXT enriches data into decision information

Managers and owners of infrastructure assets such as tunnels and bridges are responsible for the continuous availability, safety and sustainability of these assets. The sooner they detect a problem with a CCTV camera, traffic light or other object, the faster they can intervene, preferably before an actual breakdown occurs. InfraNXT enables such a proactive, cost-reducing way of working by enriching data generated by assets. This provides insight that can be used in decision making.

Joined forces

InfraNXT is a further development of the product Joost & Tessa, which was developed by INNOCY, a subsidiary of ICT Group. This remote monitoring platform was specifically aimed at assets in the infrastructure domain. In addition to Joost & Tessa, ICT Group has also had a proven Cloud platform for device management and real-time monitoring of devices and machines for several years. This platform, conNXT, is a highly scalable, well-secured Cloud platform that is in compliance with the ISO27001 standard for information security. The combination of the conNXT platform with the specific domain knowledge present in Joost & Tessa has led to the launch of InfraNXT.

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Proactive performance management

InfraNXT's strength lies in its scalability, security and domain expertise. Linking data to performance indicators creates decision information that allows an asset management organisation to act proactively and manage, for example, performance and contract limits. This is why the product has already been deployed in projects such as the Gaasperdammer Tunnel. Moreover, a PoC is currently being implemented at the Blankenburg connection.  

Digital Transformer of the Year

A smart way of combining domain knowledge from one subsidiary with technical expertise from another business unit is indicative of ICT Group's strength. In a survey among business decision-makers by MT/Sprout it was decided that this was a good reason to award us with the title Digital Transformer of the Year.

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