InTraffic, part of ICT Group, has won ProRail's contract for the construction and subsequent management of a Configuration Monitoring (CoMo) system. This system remotely monitors the technical condition of means of publication at stations, such as the dynamic information boards and public address systems. In this way, timely maintenance can take place to prevent the failure of these systems. Initially, only the information boards and public address systems will be included. Eventually, CoMo will include the management of all ProRail Stations assets.

Team composition decisive

ProRail issued a mini-competition among four bidders. ICT Group won this competition partly on the basis of team composition. Account Manager Edwin Winterkamp says: "On the basis of domain knowledge, ProRail selected four tenderers. In assessing the entries, ProRail paid particular attention to the team composition and the way the people in the team work together. You can apply Scrum half/half, you can apply Scrum 100 percent according to all the rules, but you can also Scrum from the spirit of the concept. In this case, each iteration delivers a working product. That only works if the team members are attuned to each other, go through fire for each other and help each other and take over work if someone falls ill or misses their deadline for other reasons."

Investing in cooperation

Winterkamp sees that ICT subsidiary InTraffic continues to develop. "We are a learning organization. We always had domain knowledge, technical expertise too. But customer satisfaction is also largely determined by the way you work together, the way you achieve a certain result. That is where we are continually investing and making great strides. We are constantly adapting our way of working to what customers expect. That is an important reason why we have now won this contract."

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