Local MES is still popular. Mainly because 'local' customization is often part of the system. Integration within one large MES then works disadvantageously, 'people' say. Still, there is a strong need for a corporate, Multisite MES. Fragmentation disappears, management and maintenance become easier, costs decrease, there is less administration, data sharing is more efficient, reports are unambiguous, updates are easier to roll out, knowledge can be better secured and security can be better monitored, especially now that we are increasingly linking systems.

With Multisite MES, we bridge the objections of local solutions and standardize processes, applications and working methods at corporate level. Our consultants take inventory of the work processes and system architecture on-site; early on, because local support is crucial for success. Only when the picture is complete do we build and implement the standard templates and take the (corporate) system and cloud data lake into management. We link with suppliers, make validated data and reports available centrally and locally and thus create added value at all levels. With Multisite MES, you will be ready for Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation.

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