ICT Improve is proud to introduce a new training course: the iSAQB Foundation Training in Software Architecture. A training for software architects to deepen and broaden knowledge, and for developers who want to develop into software architects. This training is the result of a successful collaboration between various divisions within ICT Group. The first session started on 28 May.

In addition to the open training offer, ICT Improve also provides the training courses within ICT Group. After several ICT Group colleagues had indicated that they were interested in providing training courses, the link to ICT Improve was quickly made. After following the train-the-trainer program, a new group of trainers was ready to provide training within the software architecture: the iSAQB Foundation Training in Software Architecture. 

The iSAQB Foundation training teaches you how to design and document a suitable software architecture in a team. You can ensure and evaluate the quality of the software, and you know the necessary tools. You will be provided with professional resources to successfully implement software architectures and design modern systems optimally. After completing this training, you receive an internationally recognized certificate. This certification is a valuable seal of approval for an internationally recognized training standard in software architecture and offers many benefits for professional development.

During the training, you learn how to: 

  • Coordinate critical software architecture decisions with other project participants in the areas of requirements management, project management, testing, and development
  • Document and communicate software architectures based on architectural patterns and technical concepts
  • Independently perform the essential steps in designing software architectures for small and medium-sized systems

iSAQB accredited

The iSAQB Foundation Training is, as the name suggests, iSAQB accredited. This means that the training and trainers meet the requirements set by the iSAQB for the basic level of knowledge and skills of a software architect. ICT Improve is an Accredited Training Provider of the iSAQB. 

This is a four-day training. The first iSAQB Foundation Training started on 28 May, and the second will follow from 24 June. Interested? Take a look at the training offer and contact us.

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