With over 1400 professionals, ICT Group links domain knowledge to innovative and integrated IT solutions and provides support for a wide range of challenging projects. The ICT & Logistics exhibition will focus on solutions for distribution and retail logistics.

Meal delivery company HelloFresh serves as an example of excellent execution at that fair. The army of some 750 HelloFresh delivery staff has the right information at the right time, thanks to ICT Group. That includes an element of planning, with the delivery driver receiving just-in-time information about the next delivery address. At the same time, there is of course the challenge of planning the route as efficiently as possible, while there is also room for notifications for the customer. For example, the customer can indicate whether the delivery driver arrived on time.

ICT Group has also built up plenty of experience in the more traditional retail world. For instance, it is currently celebrating its 25-year partnership with A.S. Watson, the formula house behind Kruidvat and Trekpleister, among others. These formulas have over 1,450 branches. Without digital processes and optimisation of logistics and transport, it will never be possible to supply this widespread network of shops with the right product range on time. This demands a lot from the (digital) organisation. To give an example: Kruidvat has a distribution centre of no less than 78,000 square metres at its disposal in Heteren. Per day, this state-of-the-art logistics system processes to keep the process running smoothly. Trucks drive in and out. This means a considerable challenge from an organisational point of view and, of course, a tight budget. At ICT Group, we gladly take on these and other challenges.

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